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Juventus vs Atletico Madrid – 2014 – 10 Dec


Juventus had a last match with Athletico and Athletico won this match by 1-0. As Athletico did only one goal so it can be seen that both teams are tough for each other. This match will be very great between both of them. Both teams have world renowned players. Juventus has mostly Italian players. Athletico reached in final of Champions league last year and was almost winner of Champions League but couldn’t make it. This match can’t be as such expected like other one sided matches. Both teams has mature, aggressive players that belong to different national teams and have high level skills.

Juventus VS Athletico Madrid:

Juventus and Athletico are going to have very important match in champion league crucial state. Any team who will win can make to next round. Both teams are almost equally competitive and will try their best to win this match. Athletico can be heavy over on Juventus as Athletico won the last match against Juventus and has high level of self-confidence. We will discuss here about brief qualities of some players of both teams. Some players are quite famous in clubs and national teams either due to scoring goals or tackles. First see team of Juventus. Juventus has some renowned midfielders and forward players. One name is Andrea Pirlo. Pirlo is Italian experienced and old player. He is midfielder. He has logical height and quite mature player. He is famous due to his some specific qualities. He has best free kick. It can be seen in the last world cup and also in some club matches. Even at a very large distance from the post, he has ability to swing the ball in the air and then ball reaches directly to post. Defenders can’t do anything with ball as it is in the air. Keeper also deceives due to swing and it is sometimes surely a beautiful goal. Another one of the renowned midfielders is Paul Pogba. Pogba is French midfielder and Juventus winger as well as midfielder. Paul is active athlete and is very hard working player. In French team, perhaps Pogba is the only player who tries very hard for the team. He feels comfortable while playing both at attack and defense. He is such a hard working player. Juventus has best goal keeper of the present football and he is Buffon. Buffon is Italian National team Goal keeper. Buffon is rated as the best keeper due to his experience and best skills. He doesn’t allow the strikers to throw the ball in the post. He many times proved himself as the wall for strikers. He has such a level of enthusiasm for his any team. Although he doesn’t have such long height but still he can jump at the corners.
Athletico Madrid has some good player like Cerci. Cerci is the midfielder. He has excellent quickness and remarkable technique. He is left footed. According to analysts and critcis, his playing style is like Arjen Robben. He can play on both wings, left as well as right. Gabi is defensive midfielder and good player. Juanfran is Spanish player and and plays in Athletico Madrid as Right Back. He took part in many different cups and improved his performance with respect to time. Raul Garcia is attacking midfielder in the Spanish team.

Overall Juventus has good team and deserves to win this match. Athletico has all players very dedicated, hard-working and committed. Team mainly depends upon midfielders performance. Juventus has such a extra ordinary midfielders like Paul Pogba and Andrea Pirlo. This match can be interesting as well if Athletico concentrates on their defense.

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