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Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo | Which is best


Whenever Barcelona and Real Madrid has a match, then even instead of both teams, everyone has an eye on Messi and Ronaldo. Both of these have unlimited fans and want to see their favorite player to be in form and score a goal. Ronaldo has a plus point over Messi and that is Messi is only striker while Ronaldo can play a small portion of his game in the midfield as well. Ronaldo was the most expensive player when Real Madrid signed him in 2009 from Manchester United.

Each player has won the World Player of the Year Award. Besides this, both has also scored a goal in the champions league Final.

If we see the physical strength of both the players.  Messi is not as strong and not a big height, he can be knocked off a ball easily. He generally gets slips easily while running and holding a ball. He’s best in one-on-ones and defenders usually gets penalized on knocking him off the ball. In this category, Messi holds rating of 7.5/10. Now, Ronaldo is really a strong and tough man with a good body build, a reasonable height, best stamina, well defined thighs and a good strength. As famous about Ronaldo that he do generally 1000 push-ups a day to keep himself strong, healthy, fit and perfect for football. Due to having such a pure footballer’s physique, Ronaldo is rated as 9/10.

Another thing that does matter in any sport is teamwork and it matters a lot while coming to Football. Combinations do provide basics of skills and passing between the teammates. Messi chemistry in clubs especially in Barcelona and with Iniesta, Neymar is so amazing and beautiful that is the only reason of his ultimate success. Ronaldo has a lack of quality and that is team work. Ronaldo mostly wants to have one man show. He wants to create his name by scoring a goal on his own behalf only. It can be generally seen that Ronaldo doesn’t pass the ball to his mates in the forward area and tries to score a goal single. In doing so, he loses the chance to score a goal even its players are better placed and if he had passed the ball, it could be a goal.


Dribbling is the thing that contributes in scoring a goal for the striker and in forward region. Messi is the perfect, best, amazing, classic dribbler, no doubt, he can dribble even 5-6 defenders in the small portion of D. Besides his pace, he dribbles in such a way that defenders continue to slide before him but he doesn’t let them allow to snatch the ball and at the end, there comes a point when Messi faces keeper one-on-one and knows how to handle it and the ball reaches in the post finally. Ronaldo has one best thing of dribbling and that is step-over. No other player can do a step-over like Ronaldo. Step-over is usually called by the people dancing on the ball. He is absolutely brilliant at this but he relies more on his pace than to his dribbling.

As both are good finishers. Coming to finish by feet, firstly have a look on Messi.

Messi Is left footed and mostly finishes goal off on that side. Messi generally occupies position of right side in the forwarded area. But with time, Messi has become best in the central area as well.  Messi is outstanding in one-on-ones, capable of the subtle dink over an advancing goalkeeper, a curled effort into the corner or a piled river. Sometimes he misses a goal but very few faults can be seen in his finishing. So in finishing I’ll rate him 8.5/10.

Ronaldo favors brain over Braun when comes in front of the goal poles. Unlike Messi, Ronaldo is right footed but is also adept at finishing on his weaker side. Ronaldo height as compared to Messi is more, but instead of this, its sprint is less than Messi because of Messi’s bulky thighs. Ronaldo dribbling in the D of opponent team, no doubt, is perfect but target is not as much as Messi has. So I’ll rate him as 7/10.

Coming to Finish with Head. First see Messi. Headers require height because while scoring a header, players jump and the one with a good height usually scores a goal. Messi stands with 1.65 m height, too much less as compared to normal footballers. So Messi is weak in this portion. He mostly scores goals from his foot. I‘ll rate him 6/10 in this portion.

Ronaldo has a height of 1.85 m and a tall player. Also he is like a player which players without any fear of injury. So he usually handles good while coming to headers. He strikes with his head without any fear whether he gets hurts or not.  He is far better than Messi in this category. So he usually scores more goal through his head as compared to Messi. I’ll rate Ronaldo 9/10 in this category.

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Which is best
Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Which is best

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