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How to read Facebook message without seen notification trick

Hi guys ,

Today i’m going to share a new trick to pretend you some one’s that you was unable to reach the internet or you didn’t seen the message but actually whenever you get a message from some one you can say your boy friend or girl friend you want to read them but in some issue’s or condition you both angry with each other and still want to see their message without letting him/her know that you are ignoring’em because this’ll reduce the probability of the fighting between you both and some times you want to see that how you boyfriend/girlfriend is trying to apology from you and they are worried for you. Because suspense is more killing than anything so now we’ve got a solution for this problem of your guys . In my own story whenever we both are becomes angry i always wanted to see her messages when i become angry with her but i was tied that if i made it seen my all lies will be revealed that I’ve hurted me with knife or blade 😛 . That I’ve swallowed the silica gel as every lover say but in today’s world I’m not such a crazy who was going to do this in real for a girl 😛 . So this was my reality that I’ve never did this but my girl friend was too much cute that i loved her too much and whenever she tries to apology from me . It gives me too much pleasure not by playing with her feeling but this had make me to fall in love with her that she apologies in such a way that she converted my flirt love in to real. So every relation needs care and for that care I’m revealing this trick that this’ll give strength to what ever you’re pretending a real hand cut or any thing like that 😮 . 

So let’s discuss about that what is this great trick saving us 🙂 .

  • Log-in to your Facebook account and then wait for his/her message
  • Then after getting message you’ll see the notification of message after the friends request button
  • So now this’ll make a suspense that which of text he/she has sent and any one of you want to read that message but you have to keep in mind that you also told he/she that you’ve cut your hand with knife due to his/her
  • So now you’re worried that what she text-ed to you now you’ve to open it with this way without letting him/her know
  • Now to save your love you’ve to little bit careful now simply open the message on that Facebook and read it thoroughly as much as you want but don’t cry on his/her text like i did 😛
  • Simply click this button as your magic will save you from being captured 😮
  • Click this button
    Click this button

    So I hope you’ll enjoy this trick ” How to read Facebook message without seen notification trick ” If you need any suggestion or any problem regards this trick you can comment below it’ll be appreciated

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