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Chelsea vs New Castle – Prediction, Highlights – 2014 – 6th Dec

Chelsea vs New Castle 6th December

Chelsea vs New Castle 6th December Preview Among both the teams, lot of matches has been played at different grounds in different scenarios. Both teams did their best and every player tried to get victory for the team. No doubt, Chelsea is far better team than New Castle on the basis of players it has but still there is not as ...

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Leicester City vs Liverpool – Preview, Prediction – 2014 – 3rd Dec

Leicester City vs Liverpool

Preview Liverpool and City both played many head to head matches. If squad of both teams are carefully observed, it can be seen that Liverpool has currently strong side as compared to Leicester city because Liverpool has players who are also selected for the National teams of different countries. While City doesn’t have any more players like this. This things ...

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Why Barclay’s is mostly watched League

Barclay's premier league

Many different countries started their football leagues. Among all those league, one league became more famous and got more spectators. This league earned more profit and with time, it got more famous. This league is no other, this is Barclays. England use to organize the English Premier League. This English Premier league is generally sponsored by international Bank “Barclays” so ...

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Liverpool vs Chelsea – Highlights, Prediction, Preview – 2014 – 8th Nov

Liverpool vs Chelsea Prediction

Liverpool vs Chelsea Preview Total 170 matches had been played between Liverpool and Chelsea. Out of 170, Liverpool won 70 matches while Chelsea won 55 matches. It means Liverpool remained a strong side over Chelsea. Chelsea couldn’t beat Liverpool more. Liverpool and Chelsea both have international level players. Both of these clubs play in Barclays premier league which is the ...

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Manchester United vs Crystal Palace – Highlights, Prediction, Preview – 2014 – 8th Nov

Preview Manchester united and crystal palace has played 41 matches total. Out of 41, Manchester united won 25 matches and Palace won only 7 and most of them on their home ground. This match will obviously be won by united if some big disaster wouldn’t happen. Man United vs Crystal Palace prediction Manchester united has players from National teams of different ...

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Barclays premier league fixtures | schedule – predictions | preview 18th Oct 2014

Barclays Premier League

Barclays premier league Preview – predictions Man City vs Tottenham Prediction Total 136 matches were played. 69 were played in City and 67 in Tottenham. Man won 35 matches In Man City and Tottenham won 19 matches in City. Man won 17 matches in Tottenham and Tottenham won 33 matches in Tottenham. 15 matches were drawn at Man City and 17 matches ...

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Bristol Academy Ladies vs Raheny United – Live scores – Prediction – 2014 16th Oct

Bristol Academy Ladies vs Raheny United Prediction

Bristol Academy Ladies vs Raheny United Its round of 32, second leg going to happen on Thursday 16th October at 07:30 PM. Bristol Academy preview It’s a football association of women, from Bristol. They competed in FA WSL. They are affiliated with Bristol Academy of Sports. Their nickname is Vixens. Its manager is Dave Endmondson. They have reached fives times ...

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Argentina vs Hong Kong Predictions -2014 – 14 October

Argentina vs Hong Kong Prediction

Argentina Team preview It has been a long while for Argentina since their World Cup winning days of Maradona. Their recent performances have gotten people talking about a possible World Cup 2014 winner. The current squad contains a number of quality players who may have what it takes to win any tough match. Lionel Messi is the four times Balloon ...

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World best football XI custom team of best players ever – 2014

World Top Xi football team

Every football lover thinks sometimes of the best footballer and then an idea comes to mind that what would happen if all the existing best players are kept under consideration and a team is made of them. I am, actually, going to write about the best team squad of footballers after year 2000. So here is the list of complete ...

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Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo | Which is best

Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Which is best

Comparison Whenever Barcelona and Real Madrid has a match, then even instead of both teams, everyone has an eye on Messi and Ronaldo. Both of these have unlimited fans and want to see their favorite player to be in form and score a goal. Ronaldo has a plus point over Messi and that is Messi is only striker while Ronaldo ...

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