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Samsung Galaxy S5 review | Waterproof test | Special features

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the flagship model of Samsung. It has android operating system, 4.4.2 (KitKat). It is faster than previous models as it has 2.5 Quadcore Processor. The thing which impresses its customers is its battery timing which is 29 hours talk time. If you are worried about the price then u don’t know about the flagship models of Iphone, Htc etc, it’s the cheaper than other flagships having these qualities.

Brief Specifications

1) Processor is 2.5Ghz Quad-core
2) Super amoled capacitive 5.1 inches touchscreen
3) 1080*1920 pixels
4) 2GB RAM and 16/32 GB memory
5) 16MP primary camera and 2MP secondary camera.
6) Li-Ion 2800 mAh battery.
7) Sensors like accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, gesture, heart rate.

Special features

Let’s talk about the camera now that it come with a real HD 16 MP camera. It’s has facilitated with the HDR mode which can even brightens you tone in any light condition suppose if you’re in front of sun or any where lights condition are not good with your new smart phone you never need to worry about any situation. With this camera you don’t need to worry about any immediate situation of photo you can take photo in this any time you want with out missing the moment it’s auto-focus is very much fast


In the box of Samsung Galaxy S5, there are three basic things the phone (of course), its charger and Hands-Free Headset.
Why is this recommended :
1) It is easy to use because it is light in weight and can be carried anywhere easily. It has slim body structure which help to hold it smoothly.
2) Due to its attractive features, like camera resolution, screen size and super amoled screen, fingerprint reader, its internal memory, fast ram. According to users, S5 doesn’t stuck during working of any heavy application like other expensive smartphones.
3) It has latest version of android and so it will be upgraded to any android upcoming version. All apps on Google Play Store can easily be run on S5.
4) Its quality of call is much improved than previous Samsung models. In some phones, your voice doesn’t reach clear and fast to listener but this is not the case with the S5.
5) Its important for businessmen. Its wondering how and why? Let me tell you, whenever you go for a meeting or somewhere for a business deal, thing that does matter is your car and a mobile phone. People usually gets idea of your financial status by seeing which mobile do u own at that moment. S5 large touch screen, slimness, camera and shape assures people that you are important for them.


1) Problem is with Front Camera, color look to be washed out like purple looks dark blue etc. If mobile is kept closer to the face, then face gets elongated and doesn’t give desired results.
2) Internal Apps like Facebook etc use very small amount of ROM and so Samsung galaxy S5 don’t get stuck while working.
3) It gets charge readily than other smartphones because charger voltage is adjusted in such a way.
4) Its accessories are easily available in the market. Accessories includes travel charging bundle, Flip-cover, bumper etc.

Positive Feedback’s

1) High Quality Camera with great customization
2) Heartbeat scanner (First time in a smartphone)
3) Fingerprint reader enhances security
4) Unlike its competitors, has a micro SD slot & removable battery
5) Samsung Galaxy S5 is waterproof

Negative Feedback

1) Fingerprint Reader is non-responsive for about 60-70 times per 100 times
2) Touch-wiz is heavily skinned
3) Its construction is of plastic which is a non-reliable material.

Comparison with its competitors

1) Its screen size is bigger than iPhone 5s, so it can’t fit easily in jeans pocket.
2) Camera is better than HTC-M8 as well as iPhone 5s but inferior than Xperia Z2 and Lumia 1020.
3) It is light in weight as compared to HTC-M8, Note 3 and HTC-M7.
4) It is waterproof like Xperia Z2.
5) It has USB 3.0 for connection which is faster than other phones.

6) Another phone which is more best and new waterproof phone is introduced by Xperia is m2 aqua

7) If it will be compared to the Latest iphone 6 then it’s much better as per dust proof and scratch test and it’s screen is also much more durable than iPhone 6. If we see the drop test video of both phone we’ll see Apple will lose this game . Samsung is always paying attention to competitors, asking themselves for the first time what is small business, allowing people to flourish while apple restricts third party fixing.

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5
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